Forget to Remember?

Posted 20.8.16 by munirah :)

Hey readers!

Sorry again for the lack of doodles..
I just uninstalled my CS6 and paint tool SAI
I'll explain why in the next post.

But, really...
It's sad to see them go.
See you soon :')

I don't know why I'm having these thoughts.
But sometimes they just pop up in my mind,
So I need to let it out..
And of course, through writing.
It's the only thing I'm capable of hahaha

Maybe most of the times I am drowned with the needs
To fulfill my dreams, my ambition,
To grab any chances there is that could possibly lead me to a better life..

And thus I am blinded with the fact that
My life is a lot better when 
I have my family and friends with me..

Sorry if there are moments when I forget you
when I forget to appreciate your presence..

It's sad that I keep forgetting..
It's even sadder to remember them once they're out of my life.

Forgive me in case I have forgotten you.
Forgive me if I have wronged you in the past

But thank you for the memories
They indeed colour my life :)


p/s: I just wish I wrote a poem instead. But yeah, my creativity is out of service at this moment. Oh, and I'll be on hiatus this early september. So any order for books will probably be delayed. Orders for doodles will be announced later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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