Tuesday is Nervous Day

Posted 15.10.16 by munirah :)

Hey readers!

Okay, I'm not gonna tell where I'm currently studying,
but kinda give hints on my course I'm taking.

It's something like FOOD SCIENCE
well, generally way of speaking.

So, for the first semester of my first year,
one of the subjects require me to learn


You can say that most of my course mates
have culinary background, and they are really
good at cooking.

And a few of us do not have that kind of background,
but still knows how to cook because
you know,


And then there's me
terrified of Tuesday
because it's the day when you have to cook

and because you never
I repeat, NEVER

cook at home

Do you know how awkward this situation is?

Rasa macam makcik cleaner
kena paksa buat physics lab report.
(why am I using this analogy again?)

But hey, I can handle baking.
Two weeks before we had to make bread,
and I'm quite comfortable kneading the dough,

Although the end results,
my bread looks massively horrifying,
which I mean it in a literal way.

But yeah, I'm happy with the process.

When it comes to cooking
my answer is just 

Image result for no meme

Man, I feel insecure.

There are things and reasons why I don't cook at home,
but I guess, malas nak cerita so....

Please feel free to judge me.


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